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Why choose us

More than ten years experience in product

More than ten years experience in produc

Focusing on bottle caps, glass bottles, packaging equipment, 20 years of industry experien
Professional  team

Professional team

1、employees have been working since the foctory was built.2、Own a special quality control
Perfect management process

Perfect management process

The company has passed: IOS9001-2015 quality system certification, Qingdao specialized, sp
Know alu caps well and know the bottle

Know alu caps well and know the bottle

We are familiar with aluminum caps, understand the characteristics of bottle mouths with a



1、We are a factory with its own purification workshop; 2、We have more than ten years experience in caps,bottles and machine for caps; 3、We have own the stable team: 1) Our staffs have been here since the factory is open; 2) We have a set of our own complete management system for our quality and efficiency.We have a strong technical team and specialized quality inspectors. 4、We know alu caps well and we get in touch with kinds of bottle,and then we used a lot of equipment, so we know what looks like bottles are good and what kind of equipment is worth buying. 5、We believe that for your needs,we can provide you with the most...

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